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Sims Bustin' Out to Sims4 Miss Gyrotic Conversion
Are you obsessive enough to want robot options for the Sims4 from prior Sims games, even if those options are from games so old that they look oddly out of place?  I know I am!

Miss Gyrotic is your robot monkey butler from the Sims Bustin' out!  And now you can have her back as a full body outfit any Sim can wear.  

COULD I have made the texture a better fit for the Sims4?  I guess I could have.  But then that would go against the authenticity of the mesh and it wouldn't look delightfully out of place!

As it stands, however, the mesh DID have to be modified to work with the Sims4 skeleton quite a bit more than I thought it would have.  The lower legs and lower arms had to be moved so those joints didn't look broken.  And all the various parts that make up this mesh were actually separate shapes.  For best effect in the game they all had to be merged together.  And the hands represent a compromise too.  They just aren't meant to be attached, but the "fingers" also don't work with a regular human skeleton.  So I had to do some creative mapping - meaning that sometimes the hands look off.  

I suppose the overall lesson is that sometimes meshes cannot be converted without some compromises, especially when they're about 15 years old!

Gyrotic is actually an odd sort of evolution for the Sims robots.  Sims1 had your robot butler in a male seeming build.  Then Sims for Gamecube had a monkey butler.  So, I guess for this game, they merged the two ideas and made Miss Gyrotic a robot monkey butler.  I'm guessing they made her female to even things up a bit.  That name, though.  

I'm dead certain her design was referenced when they made Optimum Alfred for Sims2 DS.  Not only is it visually similar, but Alfred acts like an animal (drinking out of the toilet for no real reason).  Just for that I really want to put him into my game as well ... but it seems like Sims2 DS is just unrippable.  I really wish it weren't but I think I'm the only person anywhere who would want to inert those graphics into my game.
Sims1 to Sims4 Servo Conversion
You know what other part of the Sims I like besides their avatar of death?  Robots.  There's already a good amount thanks to a Simmer named Esmeralda giving a good range of robots from the Sims 2 and 3.  But that leaves one glaring gap.  What about your original robot butler?  Why not him?  Is it the shitty graphics that were never meant to be seen so up close?  Is it because the hands on the model are gigantic oven mitts that are horribly out of place?  

Well, none of those things will stop me!  And if you like being pointlessly complete and find it hilarious to see dated low poly graphics in your high poly games than you'll love this too!  The Sims1 Servo faithfully converted into the Sims 4!  With an added texture that comes from the box (which, for some reason, had a somewhat different version of the guy).  

Overall I'm pretty happy with this guy.  The only compromises I had to make was extending the lower arms a bit and lengthening the textures on the head and torso to accommodate the box art textures making them better than they would otherwise be.  

For best results use MC Command Center to copy and paste this full body outfit to all situational outfits - including bathing.  

Update Sept 26th - flipped the image because I noticed that it was flipped in the game.  Sims 1 had some weird ways of doing things.
Sims Freeplay to Sims4 Grim Reaper Conversion
Annnnnnnnd this is the last Reaper.  Also, the hardest.  

So Ninja Ripper can rip from the Sims Freeplay using an Android emulator called Nox (or at least a prior version of it, the latest didn't work very well).  It rips everything in a scene perfectly ... except models that move.  Those are extracted, but they're extracted posed AND their uv layer (the texture map) is completely destroyed.  And the Sims Freeplay?  Everyone is in constant motion.  Even if they're just standing around.  And the standing pose for everyone has every single joint moved!  

So it took a long time to get this model right.  Even if it's just MOSTLY okay.

What's more is that I had to compromise some on getting it to work within the Sims4.  The models in this game actually have super large hands and heads!  So those had to be shrunk down.  But, after doing so, I think I have something I can be happy with.  

Slider DO work! (As this is not a skeleton.)  HOWEVER, I wanted to keep the model as true as I possibly could, even with the vast amount of compromises I had to make. So the Sim just doesn't quite "get" where the gut is - because it lacks the sheer amount of vertexes it needs.  I thought about it and getting it as right as possible was worth that trade off.

Also, there are some clipping issues in some poses.  *shrugs*.  I did my best.

Those notes aside, I'm surprised at how good this model looks in the game!   Enjoy fellow Sims Grim Reaper fans!  You can either have multiple Reapers that all look different now or at least give you Reaper a change of clothes for a number of occasions.

Why is there a brown swatch?  Well, for some reason when I put the texture in Photoshop I got that odd brown colour.  I was able to work around that, but I figured I may as well add it in as an option.  

Technically there's still kind of one left.  Although, also technically, he isn't a "Grim Reaper."  The Grim Cowboy from Sims2 DS!  However, that game may very well be unrippable.
Sims Console to Sims4 Grim Reaper Conversion
Can't go for "all" the Reapers if I didn't at least try with this one!  The Sims 1 for Gamecube and the Sims Bustin' Out converted for the Sims 4!

This one ... yeah, is a walking compromise.  Ninja Ripper doesn't work very well for this game, so I had to use 3d Ripper DX and unskew the model myself.  I then further skewed it based on the somewhat differently proportioned Reaper from the Sims Bustin' Out.  Of course I had to set the vertex groups for everything myself.  And I had to move the hands and lower robe sleeve a bit since they didn't line up totally.  And sometimes, just because the model has weird clavicles and was never meant to be seen so closely, the arms can look wonky.  So it's about as true as I could get, but it's not totally true to the game.  Can't be helped.

The hands and textures were never meant to be seen so closely so, of course, both kinda suck.  Interestingly, like the Sims 2 Reaper, these hands only seem to have enough room for two, not three, groups.  

The Bustin' Out Reaper is the same as the one from the regular game only without a face or feet!  Weird.  So I just deleted those from the Sims GC model and called it a day.  Issues:

1) Only one LOD.
2) No sliders (he's a skeleton).
3) The graphics are blurry up close.

Have fun with this bad graphics Grim Reaper!
Sims Medieval to Sims4 Grim Reaper Conversion
The Sim s4's Grim Reaper is probably my favourite, but this guy stands ready to bump him off every time.  

And this guy was a paaaaaaaaaaaaaain to bring over.  The main robe lost ALL it's vertex groups and I, somehow, managed to transfer ones form a lower LOD to the full version. And, since this guy is NOT a skeleton, I made sure the sliders work!  So you can have a buff or overweight Medieval Grim Reaper!  That said, the hair clips into the body even without that.  Simply put hair was NOT meant to go over the shoulders and down the body like this in the Sims 4.

Oh my God.  Were the sliders annoyingly difficult.  That hourglass.  I manually unwrapped it after transferring UVs (something you do for Sims4 customs) and set it into a grid.  MANUALLY!  To make sure the sliders were alright.  Geez.  

I had to make some (grumble) compromises in order to get this guy into the Sims 4.  SimGlass looked really inconsistent when applied to just the hair and the tattered wrists, so I've left those opaque.  Also, it seems this mesh was made in a way that the Sims 4 can't handle.  So it looks really funny when seen up close within the game.  Just the way the light hits it.  There's nothing I can do about it, unfortunately, and I've asked around for help.  So, known issues:

1)  Only one LOD (Yeah, I'm lazy).
2) It looks oddly faceted on LOD0 and 1 in-game.

If you think YOU can fix this give me a PM!  Otherwise enjoy!  Faceted or not, this guy is still pretty slick.


Current Residence: Toronto
Favourite genre of music: Anything fast with a beat.
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Real Player
Favourite cartoon character: G1 Optimus Prime
Personal Quote: "That's no good."
Yes, finally.  I finially finished scanning, lettering, and cleaning up all the pages of the comic I did - Kids Stuff.  Paging back in the journal, I first wrote about this back in January of 09 - when I got my big scanner.  But even before then I tried simply taking pictures with a digital camera - wither disappointing results.  That was in 08.

It's wierd not to have this gigantic project anymore.


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Who it's Dr. Samba?
hansungkee Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Blade Man(Megaman10) and Knife Man.
hansungkee Featured By Owner Edited Feb 14, 2017
The Robot Masters are Redesign by Snakepixel(Owl boy) in Megaman Dos Reborn.
ResLeon Featured By Owner Edited Dec 27, 2016
Well, new year is approaching and before this one goes I wanted to share with you this site where you can download Rockman mangas translated into spanish which is better than trying to understand japanese

Look at the right corner where it says "Archivo del blog", below it is a tree wth the years, inside each year are the months and inside each month is the link to the manga you want to download, click at it and you will be redirected to the page that has a brief description of the manga chapter and the download link; normally the link says " descargar" or "descarga" and has blue color. 

They have trasnlated from Rockman 1 to 6 translated already and in the future will bring Rockman 7, 8 and Rockman&Forte manga(they have a youtube video that has scans of Rockman 8 that seems to indicate future works), but if you cannot wait here is a site where you can see them in their raw format(fortunately Rockman&Forte vol1 has been translated in english)……

Have a happy new year :) (Smile) 
Gauntlet101010 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016
Is it better if you don't understand either language?  lol.

It's cool these guys are doing their thing, though.  They may have some manga scans that I don't, which is always welcome (even if I can't read 'em).  I know about RM Tangou.  It's too bad they never finished the English translations.  But that's sort of the life story of the MM community.  Translations start, but are rarely completed.
ResLeon Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016
Wonder if places like mangafox or mangastream would be interested in making translations of the classic Rockman mangas?
After all they have translated megaman zx. If I could I would make a petition to them but not so sure how
Gauntlet101010 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016
I don't know if they actually  translate manga themselves.  Mangafox, I know, just re-ups mangas without really giving credit. 

The best petition is money, lol.  Sadly that is how it works with this sorta stuff.  Pay someone and they'll translate it.
Kaity-Chameleon Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
Thanks for the :+fav:! ^^
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No prob!  I'll add it to the site sometime too.
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