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Sims2 to Sims4 Grim Reaper Conversion by Gauntlet101010 Sims2 to Sims4 Grim Reaper Conversion :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 2 0 Sims3 to Sims4 Grim Reaper Conversion by Gauntlet101010 Sims3 to Sims4 Grim Reaper Conversion :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 1 0 Sonicman by Gauntlet101010 Sonicman :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 9 0 Voltman by Gauntlet101010 Voltman :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 11 0 Dynaman by Gauntlet101010 Dynaman :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 9 0 Blademan by Gauntlet101010 Blademan :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 9 0 Waveman by Gauntlet101010 Waveman :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 9 0 Bitman by Gauntlet101010 Bitman :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 9 0 Sharkman by Gauntlet101010 Sharkman :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 9 0 Torchman by Gauntlet101010 Torchman :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 10 0 Oilman by Gauntlet101010 Oilman :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 9 0 Crorq Castle by Gauntlet101010 Crorq Castle :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 12 7 Best Robot Friend by Gauntlet101010 Best Robot Friend :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 12 4 Sans and Papyrus Joe by Gauntlet101010 Sans and Papyrus Joe :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 19 7 Fragile Man Reconstructed by Gauntlet101010 Fragile Man Reconstructed :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 9 2 Megaman Xover colour saturation by Gauntlet101010 Megaman Xover colour saturation :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 14 2


my megaman castle by gamewatch10 my megaman castle :icongamewatch10:gamewatch10 8 8 50th - pack - Lying poses by Precia-T 50th - pack - Lying poses :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 2,188 20 Ghia'ta by 14-bis Ghia'ta :icon14-bis:14-bis 523 21 Retro Gumi by Pechan Retro Gumi :iconpechan:Pechan 376 14 SamusSexy sml by tran4of3 SamusSexy sml :icontran4of3:tran4of3 703 52 TrophyRush sml by tran4of3 TrophyRush sml :icontran4of3:tran4of3 1,042 89 Megaman Dos Reborn (sketch) by hansungkee Megaman Dos Reborn (sketch) :iconhansungkee:hansungkee 4 1 Wave Cry by Fawful117-the-Epic Wave Cry :iconfawful117-the-epic:Fawful117-the-Epic 9 6 8-bit Mega Man DOS Robot Masters by geno2925 8-bit Mega Man DOS Robot Masters :icongeno2925:geno2925 29 8 Inktober17 by tran4of3 Inktober17 :icontran4of3:tran4of3 913 73 CHICKEN BUSTER and GRAVY TRAIN by geno2925 CHICKEN BUSTER and GRAVY TRAIN :icongeno2925:geno2925 31 7 8-bit Mechanical Maniacs Villains (Part 1) by geno2925 8-bit Mechanical Maniacs Villains (Part 1) :icongeno2925:geno2925 20 5 Failure is not acceptable in MY army by Kaity-Chameleon Failure is not acceptable in MY army :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 5 1,712 The Issue You Thought You'd Never See! by JoeSixPack60 The Issue You Thought You'd Never See! :iconjoesixpack60:JoeSixPack60 65 15 Original - Megaman #45 Variant Cover by Elesis-Knight Original - Megaman #45 Variant Cover :iconelesis-knight:Elesis-Knight 411 50 8-bit Mechanical Maniacs (TM1 Armour) by geno2925 8-bit Mechanical Maniacs (TM1 Armour) :icongeno2925:geno2925 23 6


Sims2 to Sims4 Grim Reaper Conversion
It continues!  My second completed Blender project - the Grim Reaper form the Sims2 converted to the Sims 4.  

Man, this one was harder than I thought it'd be.  Apparently, regular ol' alpha channels aren't very supported in Sims4.  You have to use this thing called "simglass" and you have to layer your model correctly.  As I stands I had to make the bones solid thusly (shudders) compromising the look.  This is most evident from the back.  Best I got under the circumstances.  I also wanted to get the Lei neckless in there, but it was not meant to be.  Again, the alpha channel problem.  As you can tell from the screenshot the alphas don't always interact well when used to this excess.

This fella also uses the Sims 2 vertex groups and weights.  Oddly his two middle fingers were glued together - no need to keep that! - but he lacks a third part of his finger and actually has giant monster hands when overlaid on top of a regular Sim.  Weird!
Sims3 to Sims4 Grim Reaper Conversion
My very first game mod ever!  I really wanted to try some conversions, so I started with, what I think is, the easiest.  The Sims3 Grim Reaper!  But even as I say that it's still pretty hard.  Included are swatches from the original mesh that would normally go unused.

- The first swatch is how the Reaper looks in game.
- The second is the diffuse layer without the multiply layer on top of it.
- The third is the Sims3 specular map that is somewhat incompatible with the Sims4.

All in all I'm pretty happy with this.  There are some problem, though:

1) Sliders don't work.  May not even want them to.
2) Couldn't get the CAS or skirt vertex groups to work.
3) Could not get other LODs to work; they kept on glitching out.

You can find this in fullbody costumes.  Please do not re-up or modify without permission.
Tvman reference
References a character found in Ariga's Maniax

Used in my Megaman Soccer Conversions Revival project -…


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Yes, finally.  I finially finished scanning, lettering, and cleaning up all the pages of the comic I did - Kids Stuff.  Paging back in the journal, I first wrote about this back in January of 09 - when I got my big scanner.  But even before then I tried simply taking pictures with a digital camera - wither disappointing results.  That was in 08.

It's wierd not to have this gigantic project anymore.


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hansungkee Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Who it's Dr. Samba?
hansungkee Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Blade Man(Megaman10) and Knife Man.
hansungkee Featured By Owner Edited Feb 14, 2017
The Robot Masters are Redesign by Snakepixel(Owl boy) in Megaman Dos Reborn.
ResLeon Featured By Owner Edited Dec 27, 2016
Well, new year is approaching and before this one goes I wanted to share with you this site where you can download Rockman mangas translated into spanish which is better than trying to understand japanese

Look at the right corner where it says "Archivo del blog", below it is a tree wth the years, inside each year are the months and inside each month is the link to the manga you want to download, click at it and you will be redirected to the page that has a brief description of the manga chapter and the download link; normally the link says " descargar" or "descarga" and has blue color. 

They have trasnlated from Rockman 1 to 6 translated already and in the future will bring Rockman 7, 8 and Rockman&Forte manga(they have a youtube video that has scans of Rockman 8 that seems to indicate future works), but if you cannot wait here is a site where you can see them in their raw format(fortunately Rockman&Forte vol1 has been translated in english)……

Have a happy new year :) (Smile) 
Gauntlet101010 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016
Is it better if you don't understand either language?  lol.

It's cool these guys are doing their thing, though.  They may have some manga scans that I don't, which is always welcome (even if I can't read 'em).  I know about RM Tangou.  It's too bad they never finished the English translations.  But that's sort of the life story of the MM community.  Translations start, but are rarely completed.
ResLeon Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016
Wonder if places like mangafox or mangastream would be interested in making translations of the classic Rockman mangas?
After all they have translated megaman zx. If I could I would make a petition to them but not so sure how
Gauntlet101010 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016
I don't know if they actually  translate manga themselves.  Mangafox, I know, just re-ups mangas without really giving credit. 

The best petition is money, lol.  Sadly that is how it works with this sorta stuff.  Pay someone and they'll translate it.
Kaity-Chameleon Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
Thanks for the :+fav:! ^^
Gauntlet101010 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
No prob!  I'll add it to the site sometime too.
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